Saturday, July 16, 2011


K my 4 year old  LOVES tractors!  Any color or kind. This is always fun, because we live in a farming community and there are tractors going up and down our street everyday.  I was in ALCO (a VERY small version of Walmart that is near us or as my husband would say, you can buy everything from lingerie to fishing tackle) Surprisingly, they have pretty cute home decor & crafts.  I was checking it out and came across some old tractor prints.  They were marked $49.99. I would never pay that much for them, but I would pay $9.99,  YES $9.99 a piece!!  I bought 2 of them for K's room.  I also bought a tractor calendar that was from last year that was only a dollar.  I came home, hung the prints in his bedroom, and cut out the tractor calendar and hung them up as well.  I really haven't done much else in his room, we did paint in blue and green, I let him pick the colors, but that it about it.  I would like to do more, but he told me to leave it alone, for now at least!



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