Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brown Paper Packages....March Birthday Dinner

Every March the Relief Society celebrates the birthday or the date the Relief Society was organized.  I like to have a Birthday dinner to celebrate.  One of the birthday dinners, our theme was
"Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String."

The invites were a brown lunch sack inside was the info printed on a separate paper, and the top was tied up with a piece of ribbon.
Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String
Please bring a few of your FAVORITE things.

There was a dinner of lasagna, salad, bread sticks, with cupcakes & ice cream for dessert. On the cupcakes we put a Skittle. I had the tables preset. The utensils and napkin were in a brown paper sack.  The center piece on each table was yellow carnations in a vase that was inside of a large brown paper bag with a bow tied around it.

After dinner we went around the room and each sister showed her 'Favorite Things" that she had brought.  For those who had forgot to bring something,  we asked them what color of Skittle was on top of their cupcake.  Each color represented something different that they had to tell us about themselves.
RED:  Most embarrassing moment
ORANGE: Something Unique about them
YELLOW:  Something that make them the happiest
GREEN:  Favorite cleaning product
PURPLE: Favorite Holiday



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