Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fathers Day for Kids

My four year old boy asked me today what he could get daddy for fathers day.  I asked him if her wanted to make  something and of course he did.  I foraged around to try and come up with something that he would enjoy making that wasn't too hard.  I found a couple of scrap pieces of 2x4.  I had him pick out some paint colors, of course he pick green and orange (his favorite).  I had him paint the blocks.  While the paint was drying (forever if you ask him)  he gathered a few things to decorate the blocks with.  We found some pictures, sticks, buttons, and jewels that he liked.  We Mod Podge the pictures to the blocks. He then glued on all of the stuff that he found to decorate with.  I ended up having to Hot glue the sticks on because they wouldn't stick with craft glue.


Diana said...

Found your blog via email update from Custom Blog Designs. I love creating digitally myself and love seeing other's creativity. LOVE the header design! Look forward to following your blog and maybe being inspired from your recipes and crafts. :)


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